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At the Annual Meeting of Loftus Town Council on the 18 May 2015 Cllr Michael Hodgson was elected Town Mayor for 2015/16 


  Cllr Hodgson first served on the Council in the 1970's and was a member of Loftus Urban District Council before the reorganisation of Local Government in 1974. He was Chair in 1978/9 and after nearly 40 years is proud to once again represent the Town Council and residents of Loftus Parish. 

The photograph shows Cllr Barry Hunt, Town Mayor 2014/15 receiving his shield and handing the Chain over to Cllr Hodgson. Cllr Hunt thanked all members for their support during his year in office and believes he has left the Council in a good state financially.

Cllr Hodgson thanked the members for the honour of this appointment and remarked it is many years since he had last sat in the Mayor's Chair. The Council has changed a lot in the intervening years but he hopes with the team of members and staff in place it will be an other successful year. 

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