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At the Annual Meeting of Loftus Town Council; on 8 May 2017, Cllr Mike Hodgson, of Easington, was elected Chairman of the Town Council and Town Mayor for 2017/18.  At the meeting Cllr Hodgson, who was also Town Mayor in 2015/16, thanked the members for their confidence in him, and said that he will do his best to represent the whole of Loftus parish to the best of his ability. 

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He later said that he will endeavour to keep Loftus and the surrounding villages on the map, and to make improvements in the town and the wider parish wherever possible.  He said he hopes to strengthen ties and work with the other Parish Councils in East Cleveland where this is mutually beneficial.  Nearer to home, he praised the efforts of Village Halls in Carlin How, Easington, Liverton, Liverton Mines and Skinningrove  in enhancing their communities and encouraging visitors into the area, and said he hopes to be able to support their work during his year in office.

Also at the meeting, 2 new Councillors were appointed to replace members who resigned earlier in the year.  Loftus Town Council congratulates and welcomes Cllr Mike Barnes for the Loftus Ward and Cllr Gail Sayer for the Skinningrove Ward (includes Carlin How).

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