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The Town Council has been asked to clarify where it provides or gives financial help with Christmas trees across the parish.  Full details can be obtained from the office, but in brief for winter 2015


Carlin How - Loftus Town Council provided and dressed the tree, lights on it were provided in 2014 in part by Loftus Town Council, in part by local industry and in part by community activity.

Easington - Tree provided and lights maintained by community activity,  Town Council makes a financial contribution towards the costs.

Liverton Mines - Loftus Town Council provided and dressed the tree and maintained the lights.

Liverton Village - new for 2015 - Tree provided by community activity, supported by Cllr Mary Lanigan.  Loftus Town Council provided a set of lights for the tree and a financial contribution towards the costs of preparing a new location.

Loftus - Loftus Town Council provided and dressed trees at Town Hall and Stonemason’s Yard and maintained these lights, also provided solar lights in Bank Top Pocket Park.

Skinningrove - Tree provided and dressed and lights maintained by community activity supported by Cllr Barry Hunt.  New for 2015 - Loftus Town Council arranged for existing lights to be refurbished with LEDs and provided additional lights, also made a financial contribution to costs of  preparing a new location due to collapsed river-bank.

Any other locations are probably due to community, individual or business action - thank you to all who participate in brightening the parish over the festive season.


For winter 2016, the Town Council is looking at additional locations for motifs, Christmas trees etc.  If you have suggestions about where you would (or would not) like to see additional festive lights, please contact the Council on 01287 641000, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  We think we are particularly looking for welcoming “gateway” locations as people enter our parish or our villages - but you may have better ideas!  We will be constrained by budgets and by whether locations can be made to work (suitable power sources etc), but your suggestions would be appreciated and given full consideration..


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