Loftus Town Council

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Please find below an online booking form for the Town Hall. Please note that completing the form does not guarantee a booking as we do have a number of regular booking. Once we have received your form we will contact you to confirm if the date and time you require is available. If you prefer you can ring the Town Council on 01287 641000 to confirm availability before completing the form. 

Click here for the booking form


Conditions of Hiring


  1. Payment of invoice shall be no later than one calendar month from issue of invoice.  For all non-recurrent bookings, a non-refundable deposit of £10/50% of the hire cost (whichever is lower) shall be required to secure the booking.
  2. The Hirer shall
    1. Pay the cost of making good damage to the hall or its fixtures and fittings or the cost of replacing equipment, glasses and crockery missing from the hall during the period of the hiring, whether or not such damage or loss was due to the act or omission of the Hirer. The decision of the Council, supported by reasonable estimates and costings, as to such cost shall be final, conclusive and binding on the hirer.
    2. Observe the provisions of all Acts of Parliament, regulations and licences relating to the hall or to the hiring.
    3. Indemnify the Council, its servants and agents against all costs, damages or expenses arising in any way out of or in consequence of the hiring, and in particular but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing to indemnify the Council against any liability for any damage to or loss of the property left on the premises during the hiring or against liability for any personal injuries suffered by any person or persons using the premises in consequence of the hiring or any action arising out of any breach of the law of copyright.
    4. Furnish the Performing Rights Society with details of works performed and pay the necessary fees.
    5. Provide the Council, at least two days before distribution, any promotion or publication of the event to be held in the Town Hall. If the Council disapproves of the programme or publication the Council has the right to terminate the agreement or strike out offending words in or forbid the use of the advertisements and posters.
    6. Not to permit anything to be done which may do injury to the structure of the hall or become a fire risk or interfere with any arrangements for the safety of persons or property.
    7. Not to permit or allow anything to take place in the Hall of a disreputable, disorderly or immoral character which would endanger any Licence. Any offender will be asked to vacate the premises and the hiring may be terminated immediately. The hirer may be charged with any expenses incurred in restoring order.
    8. Allow Council officers and Staff and any Fire Officer on duty to enter the hall during the period of the hiring.
    9. Ensure that the entrance door is locked or manned throughout the hire period and at the end of hire to minimise risk of unauthorised entry.


  1. The Council may cancel this agreement and shall return all money paid (without any further liability to the Hirer)
    1. by written notice to the Hirer at least five days before the date of entry.
    2. At any time before the hiring commences in circumstances considered by the Council as an emergency.


Opening Times

Monday 9am - 3pm
Tuesday 9am - 3pm
Wednesday 9am - 3pm
Thursday 9am - 3pm
Friday Closed